Saturday, January 31, 2015

Law students should begin building an online professional presence while still in school

Over at ATL, Professor and Associate Dean Thaddeus Hoffmeister (U. Dayton) offers tips to law students for building an online professional presence while still in law school (i.e., of course you can't start offering legal advice until you get your license but you can and should start grooming your professional persona while still a student).  Professor Hoffmeister is also the author of Social Media in the Courtroom which you may want to check out here.  His advice is that law students considering finding a legal niche they can blog about because it creates an online presence that will help clients find you when they're searching for a lawyer online.  Another tip which I hope most law students understand by now is to curate your online persona on the assumption that every potential employer is going to Google you.  Professor Hoffmeister's advice:  "Create positive, useful information and you control the message that employers receive.”

Read the full column here.


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