Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to pick a cost effective legal education.

This column from the USNWR Grad School blog offers tips for students shopping around for the best value in a JD.  The advice includes carefully weighing career and life goals so you have a good idea going in whether your preferred practice area will pay the bills given the COL in the place where you'd like to ultimately settle down.  Read the fine print in scholarships offers to make sure the school won't pull it for failing to maintain a certain GPA or that the offer isn't predicated on other conditions that may result in revocation.   Think carefully before deciding to pursue a part-time JD because it's easy to burn out and though it may at first seem like a less expensive alternative you're giving up opportunities to pursue summer internships that often lead to full time employment later.  USNWR's final suggestion is that if you don't get into a top school, consider negotiating for a generous scholarship at a lower ranked school since many are highly motivated these days to cut favorable deals (but see caveat # 2, above).

Check out the full column here.  Hat tip to ATL.


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