Friday, December 26, 2014

Vote for your favorite "craziest lawsuit of 2014"

The blog JD Journal is running a poll (scroll down to the bottom) to decide which of 10 lawsuits picked by the editors will be crowned the "craziest" of 2014.  Here are the candidates though you'll have to click here to get the full details (including some video explanations).

    10.  Dear Disney: You Stole “Frozen” from My Life Story.

    9.  Hey, Jimmy Johns: Where Are My Sprouts?

    8.  Minimum Wage Demanded for Community Service.

    7.  Baseball Fan Sues ESPN for Airing him Sleeping at Game (with video!).

    6.  A Poster Tripped Me.

    5.  Lawyers Target California Town with ADA Lawsuits.

    4.  Thanks for Saving My Life—Now I’m Suing You (video).

    3.  Suing for More Money That Even Exists on the Planet.

    2.  Little League Coach sues Player for Tossing Helmet after Win.

    1.  If You Claim You’re Injured, Don’t Film Yourself Shoving Boulders (with video, 'natch!).


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