Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

Consultant Karen Kelsey suggests these questions as good ones  to ask at the end of a job interview.

Questions for Interviews at Research Universities “I’d like to know more about sources of travel support on campus.” “Could you tell me about teaching-release possibilities on campus?” “I heard that there is a junior sabbatical for tenure-track faculty. Could you tell me more about that?” “What is the breakdown of undergraduate and graduate teaching?” “I’m interested to know how the graduate students are supported. Could you tell me more about that?” “What level of graduate-assistant support is available to support research?”

Questions for Interviews at Teaching-Oriented Colleges “I’d like to know more about the students; what do they tend to do after graduation?” “I’d like to know about some of the ways that students are involved in faculty research (and here are some of my ideas about that).” “Are there opportunities to lead field school or study-abroad programs?” “I’d like to know more about the [fill in the blank] Club. What are some of its activities and how are faculty involved?” “I’d like to hear about opportunities for collaborative (and/or interdisciplinary) teaching on campus.” “I’d like to know more about the advising and mentoring programs in the college. How do faculty work with students outside the classroom?”

You can read her reasons here, at Vitae..


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