Sunday, November 30, 2014

Using your legal skills for non-legal jobs

Whether you're thinking about transitioning out of law practice altogether or you're a new grad considering a "JD-advantage" job, you might find this post helpful from the blog "leave the law behind."  The post, called "How to think about your legal skills to position them for a non legal job," is by Casey Berman, a former lawyer who left the law himself more than 10 years ago and now helps unhappy lawyers transition into other careers.  The list of tips he offers for repurposing your legal skills for the non-legal job market are not especially earth-shattering (i.e. lawyers have good communication skills, they know how to handle clients, they are good project managers, etc.) but some who are unsure about how to characterize their legal skillset for resumes targeting non-legal employers might find it a good brainstorming tool.  Check it out - it might shake loose some ideas for better ways to target JD-Advantage employers. 


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