Monday, November 24, 2014

Twelve Resume Mistakes

According to Harrison Barnes at LawCrossing, here are 12 sins you should NOT commit on a resume:

1. Emphasizing responsibilities but not accomplishments -- or, conversely, getting bogged down in minutiae.

2. Telling (instead of showing) the reader how wonderful you are.

3. Allowing chronology to determine structure.

4. Using a "one size fits all" approach.

5. Wasting critical space under your name with a prominent display of your address and phone number.

6. Making margins so wide that the text is forced into narrow columns.

7. Including your photograph.

8. Using small print.

9. Using a scripted font.

10. Using bold typeface for standard categories.

11. Having your legal resume professionally printed.

12. Failing to take into account how the means of transmittal will alter the appearance.

You can find full explanations here.


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