Friday, November 28, 2014

Long weekend "Friday Fun" - Is "drone law" the next big legal practice area?

According to this video (below) from the New York Times, it hasn't taken long for pranksters to start misusing home hobbyist drones (you can buy some pretty sophisticated ones via Amazon) to buzz pedestrians, scare little kids in the park and (with their HiDef video cameras) go where prying eyes are not allowed.  Now the FAA has gotten involved and is currently considering rules to regulate drone use.  One law professor has already weighed in on the legal complexities associated with "drone law" (e.g., apportioning liability between the drone owner, the manufacturer, the software maker and the hacker - assuming your drone gets commandeered by a nefarious prankster before crashing into the plaintiff).  Based on this short NYT video which shows drones, among other things, causing a riot, ruining a wedding, harassing wildlife and illegally flying over a nuclear power plant, this looks to be a hot new legal niche.  Remember, you heard it here first.


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