Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beware of Avvo

Recently, Avvo, a website that rates professionals, created a profile and rated me. (Of course, anyone who picks a lawyer based on a website like this deserves what he or she gets.) Because I don't practice law, I asked Avvo to remove my profile. Here is its response.(The inability to spell my name correctly does not give confidence is the quality of the operation)  Any suggestions?





La (Avvo)


Nov 24 15:55


Hi Louos,


Thank you for     contacting Avvo. We do not delete profiles on Avvo.com. The information in     a lawyer profile is pulled from public records and publicly available     information.


If you are     concerned that public information we share on our website is incorrect,     please let us know and we will do our best to update it. Please also check     with your state bar association to ensure your information is updated in the     public records.


We can make     an exception to remove all information except your license details, name,     and client reviews.


You also have     the option to hide your rating if one is displayed:


Avvo will     remove the numerical rating from your profile.
    Your profile will read "This attorney has requested that their Avvo     Rating not be displayed"


Attorneys who     have not been disciplined and who do not wish to appear in Avvo's practice     area search results may choose this option," and will not appear in     practice area searches on Avvo.


However,     licensing details and client reviews will remain visible.


Please let us     know what you would like to do.


La C.
    Customer Care



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I had this fight with Avvo well over a year ago. I haven't practiced law in almost 35 years and certainly don't hold myself out as an attorney. My state bar status says 'retired'. I think it's absolutely misleading to post that I am an attorney (and possibly illegal because I am not registered an an active attorney licensed to practice law) but Avvo won't budge. Would contacting the Office of Court Administration (I'm in NY) be of help?

Posted by: Barbara G. Traub | Nov 29, 2014 10:20:40 AM

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