Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New ranking of law schools by mid-career salaries of grads

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has a post about a new rankings list released by Payscale that rates law schools based on the salaries of mid-career graduates.   The full rankings list available on the Payscale website lumps together the mid-career salaries of professionals from a full range of graduate programs including law, business, and PhD's.  The data was collected by Payscale based on survey results from over 1.4 million college graduates.  The full rankings list includes a search feature that lets you check schools by name.  The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has conveniently culled law schools from the masterlist to rank the top 10 law schools based on mid-career salaries (check it out here).  Harvard tops the list with Emory and Santa Clara following though Yale, Stanford, U. Chicago and NYU, among other T14 schools are strangely absent from the top 10.  As to the masterlist on the Payscale website, it's surprising to see - at least to me - that mid-career grads from lesser ranked schools are doing way better than their counterparts from the some of the most elite PhD programs in the nation. Of course the rankings reflect past performance and it remains to be seen whether law grads outside the top ranked schools will continue to earn more than, for example, STEM PhD's going forward.


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