Monday, October 27, 2014

Did you know chocolate can boost your memory?

Indeed it can according to a new study, partly funded by Mars bar, published in the Journal of Nature Neuroscience as reported by the New York Times.  According to the study, which was headed by a Columbia University Medical Center neurologist, participants ranging in age from 50 to 69 who drank a mixture of antioxidants found in chocolate called cocoa flavanols performed on memory tests the equivalent of people who were 20 to 30 years younger.  Participants also showed improvement in pattern recognition functions like remembering faces or where the car is parked.  To get the same results yourself, however, you'd have to start mainlining 300 grams of dark chocolate per day, for 3 months straight.  That's the equivalent of 7 dark chocolate bars per day or, alternatively, you could start chugging 100 grams of baking chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder each day for 90 days straight.  Hey, I like chocolate too but in this case I think I'll deal with the memory loss instead.     

You can check out the full story via the New York Times here.

And check out Mars Center for Cocoa Science here - who knew?


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