Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Toledo Law Cuts Tuition for In State Students

According to JD Journal:

The university is reducing the current tuition costs of the law school from $20,579 to $17,900 effective for the fall session of 2015. However, such heavy cuts are applicable only for in-state and Michigan students. For out-of-state students the cost cutting would be smaller, though significant as costs will drop nearly 8 percent, from $$33,752 to $31,074.

 The law school has good reason to try to attract more students: 

The drop in applications to the law school has been huge. While even three years ago, the number of applicants was 1,400, this year that number had dropped to 475. 

You can read more here

I hear that other schools adopting this strategy have had disappointing results. But every case, every location, is different. In any case, I wish Toledo well.



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