Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The 2014 AmLaw summer program survey results are in

A perennial rite of fall OCI season is for 2Ls to check out the American Lawyer survey results ranking summer associate programs.  I guess it was a lot more meaningful (and fun) before the big legal market meltdown since jobs were way more plentiful and thus students did a lot more comparison shopping before deciding where to "summer."  Today, I've got to believe most law students would be happy to get a summer job with any firm regardless of the ranking.  The survey criteria, described below, is also much more practical and buttoned-down in keeping with the hard economic times.  Gone are the days when firms tried to outdo each other in how much they could lavish on summer associates and the anecdotes describing bacchanalian excess that were usually included in the article accompanying the survey results.

Anyhow, here's the link to the 2014 survey results and below is the criteria AmLaw used to query summer associates.  Click here to read the summer program rankings by city.

Summer associates were asked to rank law firm summer programs based on the following:

  • How interesting was the work?
  • How much real work was assigned?
  • How did the training and guidance measure up?
  • How positive were interactions with partners and associates?
  • How well did the firm communicate goals and expectations?
  • How accurately did the firm portray itself during the interview process?
  • How inclined are you to accept an offer?
  • Provide an overall rating of the firm as a place to work.

Go here to read a further description of the methodology used by AmLaw.


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