Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now you can sync time spent on legal research with client billing software

Fastcase (here, here and here) has announced a partnership with Clio practice management software that will allow lawyers to automatically track and bill clients as they do legal research.  According to Fastcase's website, here's how it works:

With this partnership, legal professionals can track time spent researching without focusing attention away from the task at hand. From inside Fastcase, you can now select from clients and matters in Clio, start a timer for your research session, and record the activity automatically in Clio. You never have to miss or manually record your research time again.


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To get started, log into Fastcase and [then connect] to Clio

[Next], log in to Clio with your Clio username and password. Voila! Your Fastcase and Clio accounts are in sync. Whenever you’re in Fastcase, simply select your matter (they’re automagically populated and updated from Clio) and start your timer.

There are screenshots and additional instructions on the Fastcase website to help walk you through syncing the search engine with Clio's practice management cloud service should you want more info. 

Hat tip to the ABA Journal Blog.



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