Saturday, September 27, 2014

New York state court allows service of process via Facebook

Though this article from the New York Post describes the Staten Island court's ruling as "groundbreaking," it isn't the first court to authorize service of process via social media.  A few foreign courts have permitted the practice in recent years and a quick Google search reveals that a handful of domestic courts have done so as well with some jurisdictions even considering a rule change to formalize the practice (here, here, here contra here).  The New York case involved a party who was seeking to cancel his child support payments (the "child" had turned 21) but was unable to locate his ex-wife except via Facebook.  The court allowed him to serve papers that way, despite the lack of a physical address, because it found that in-person service of process under the circumstances was "impracticable."  Check out the full story here via the New York Post.

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