Thursday, September 18, 2014

Judge Gone Wild?

Judge Gone Wild?

From the Washington Post:

Delvon L. King was acting as his own attorney in a gun-possession case when Charles County Circuit Court Judge Robert Nalley ran out of patience. The judge said that King was being “non-responsive” and “rude” and “citing case law that did not apply to his case.”

So Nalley ordered a deputy sheriff to administer a shock to King via a remote-controlled black box strapped to the defendant’s ankle. “Do it. . . . Use it,” Nalley said, according to a transcript of the July 23 proceeding.

The device is called a Stun-Cuff, and when the deputy pushed a button on a handheld transmitter, 50,000 pulsating volts shot into King’s Achilles’ tendon for five seconds. The defendant screamed, fell to the floor and writhed in pain.

Welcome to Judge Nalley’s courtroom, a little Guantanamo in La Plata, Md.

The judge thought the defendant was being rude and citing cases that did not apply (warn your LW students what can happen if they cite the  wrong cases) You can read more here. On September 10, the Maryland Court of Appeals (the state's highest court) removed Judge Nalley from the bench. Here is a vdeo showing how stun cuffs work.


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