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Appalachian School of Law considering affiliation with Emory & Henry College

Appalachian School of Law, a stand alone institution in Grundy, WV, has begun discussions with Emory & Henry College (here's a map) about a possible "affiliation." You may recall that ASL laid off staff and lost a few faculty through "mutual agreement" last spring as the result of declining applications (here and here).   According to this story in Richmond Times Dispatch, nothing concrete is in the works - the schools are merely talking about an affiliation that each feels will be mutually beneficial.  Emory & Henry says it would like to open a campus in Grundy while ASL says there are educational opportunities for its students in health care and environmental sciences at E & H.  Here are some more details from the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Emory & Henry, Appalachian School of Law consider affiliation

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"[An ASL representative] said the two schools have a lot in common and a similar mission to educate students from this area.

“They have the health sciences program, we’re looking at health law,” she said. “We have a [juris doctorate degree] in natural resource law, they offer environmental science. The connection I think could be pretty natural. The curriculum of both schools works well together.”

And some E&H students already go on to ASL after graduation, Haney said, though no formal agreement has been signed.

Plus, Haney said, E&H is already looking at developing an optometry school in Grundy, where ASL is located. As school officials were in the area, the conversation to partner further with ASL naturally developed, he said.

“No decisions have been made,” he said. “We don’t know what a possible affiliation might look like; we’re just in an exploratory mode at this point.”

Right now, Haney said, officials from both schools, who last met Sept. 5, are continuing the discussion, and talking with folks on their respective campuses.

“We need to decide if a more formal affiliation makes sense for us, and the law school needs to decide if it makes sense for them,” he said. “We’re just in a very open conversation about that right now.”

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You can continued reading that story here.


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