Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why Visual Images Are Better than Bullet Points and Powerpoint Words

I think students have long since tired of traditional powerpoint. If you are going to throw information up on the screen, go for pictures. At the Huffington Post, Nadine Hanafi,CEO of “We  Are Visual,” explains why. It has to do with our cognitive limitations.

Q: Why are images more effective than bullet points?
A: The bullet point style of presentation simply doesn't align with our cognitive abilities and ignores what we know about how our brains work. Our brains are not capable of processing two streams of verbal information at the same time. So if you are speaking to your audience while showing them text on a slide, they must make a decision to either ignore your slides and listen to you or listen to you and ignore your slides. Either way, your slides become a distraction rather than a tool to emphasize and support what you are saying. On the other hand, we are perfectly capable of processing visual and verbal information simultaneously. So if a presenter is speaking and showing an image at the same time, it takes the audience a split second to take in and process the image while focusing on the presenter's words.

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