Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why Curriculum Changes Won’t Save Law Schools

Many law schools are launching innovative changes in their curricula. These changes may benefit the students, and they may help a particular school attract a few more students. However, they do not seem to increase the aggregate number of students applying to law schools.

Right now, the stock market is booming, and employment numbers are increasing steadily. But jobs for lawyers are barely moving upward. Hence, young people are discouraged from pursuing legal careers.

If law schools are going to survive, they also need to train people for careers other than law—they need to train students for law-related careers. By offering more career paths, law schools will increase their pool of potential applicants. Some of these programs may be certificate programs, for example, certificates training people to be administrators in various industries, such as law-related positions in human resources and medical organizations. Trying to attract potential law students only to JD programs is a problematic strategy.


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