Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wall Street Journal Law Blog: "Practice Ready Matters to Young Lawyers, Too."

You can read the full post from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog here. An excerpt:

Practice Ready Matters to Young Lawyers, Too


Employers often complain that law schools don’t do enough to prepare graduates for life as practicing lawyers.


Well, it turns out that young attorneys feel pretty strongly about it, too.


A new survey in the September issue of The American Lawyer suggests that job satisfaction among mid-level associates is heavily influenced by how well they believe their law schools prepared them for practice.


The publication polled more than 5,000 attorneys with three-to-five years of experience  under their belts on their satisfaction with compensation, training, relations with partners and other issues. Overall, job satisfaction was up slightly, it found


. . . .


But others said law school coursework tilted too heavily towards litigation, and didn’t do enough to prepare corporate lawyers for scenarios they are likely to encounter after graduation. 


. . . . .

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