Sunday, August 31, 2014

Students Are Satisfied With Their Law Schools

That’s the finding of a survey conducted by the Kaplan Bar Review:

According to a Kaplan Bar Review survey* of over 1,200 law school graduates from the class of 2014, a strong majority of tomorrow’s attorneys give their alma maters strong marks overall: 40% of law school graduates gave their overall law school education an “A” (up from 37% in 2012), while 45% gave it a “B”.  Only 11% gave their legal education a “C”; and a relatively small percentage (4%) scored it as below average or failing.  And while law school grads gave their former JD programs generally favorable marks in a number of subcategories, there was one glaring exception:  job placement.

Students generally were pleased with their professors, their schools’ efforts to make them practice ready, and the value of the financial investment. As one might guess, they were less satisfied with their schools’ efforts at job placement.

I would have expected these results. The real problem is not the quality of the education. It is the lack of jobs.

You can read the details of the survey here.


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