Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Should Texas Wesleyan Grads Get A&M Diplomas?

Last April Texas A & M purchased Texas Wesleyan’s law school for $73.2 million. Now Texas Wesleyan grads argue that they are entitled to Texas A & M diplomas. From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

A dozen frustrated law school alumni filed a complaint with the American Bar Association Friday that Texas A&M University is using Texas Wesleyan law alumni statistics to market the school but won’t grant them retroactive Aggie diplomas.

A&M officials say they can’t give diplomas to people who didn’t attend A&M.

A&M has attempted a compromise:

In April, the university sent certificates to about 3,800 alumni that they could frame and display next to their Wesleyan diplomas, Short said.

“It was really intended as a formal, tangible recognition of the graduates in our community,” Short said.

The certificates are topped with the A&M name followed by the graduate’s name and a sentence about how he or she was “in good standing and a colleague of past, present and future graduates” of A&M University.

“It left us scratching our heads about what is was supposed to mean,” Norred said. “It says we are colleagues. We are colleagues with all attorneys. I don’t know what this thing was supposed to do. It only made people more upset.”

[Law school Vice-Dean Aric] Short said, “For our purpose, they are all members of the alumni community. The decision on granting diplomas is made by the university in College Station, and we are trying to do everything we can in our power to include everyone.”

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