Monday, August 18, 2014

Eight Excuses for Plagiarism

The Chronicle of Higher Education gives us a catalogue of excuses for plagiarism. Here are the excuses (greatly abridged):

The Extenuating-Circumstances Defense

The “Absolutely Not, But …” Defense

The “It Was My Research Assistant” Defense

The “I Am Not a Crook” Defense[“He denied wrongdoing, though, saying the allegations of plagiarism were “unfounded.””]

The “My Detractors” Defense

The Straight Apology

The “It Was a Crazy Time” Defense:“This is not an excuse, and I would never offer it up as an excuse, but at that point in my life, I had a family. I worked two jobs. I was running for the Illinois State Senate. I was trying to get my dissertation finished,”

The “How Do You Define Plagiarism?” Defense

For the record, Merriam-Webster defines plagiarism as “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.”

You can read more here. (You may need a subscription)


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