Sunday, June 22, 2014

Top tips for summer associates from the author of "Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks"

Grover Cleveland, author of Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer, is a font of good advice when it comes to helping new lawyers succeed (here, here and here.  He's now compiled a list of tips for summer associates you can check out here, via the Careerist Blog at The American Lawyer.  Below is list of his top tips but head over to the Careerist to get the full word

  • Treat your summer job as a forever job—even if you’re not sure you want to stay forever.
  • Be assertive; take challenging assignments.
  • Seek out feedback.
  • Smile and be friendly.
  • Show confidence.
  • Focus on the firm's needs.
  • Don’t ask questions where you can look up the answer yourself.
  • But don’t spin your wheels for too long. 


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