Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Applied Legal Storytelling

Applied Legal Storytelling has been an important topic among legal writing teachers for the last few years. One of the experts on Applied Legal Storytelling, Ruth Anne Robbins, has just posted an introduction to this area on SSRN.

An Introduction to Applied Legal Storytelling


This article introduces the reader to the idea of "Applied Legal Storytelling," and differentiates it from law and literature. The goal of applied legal storytelling, through conferences and the resulting lawyering (clinic, legal writing, and skills) scholarship, is to create a rich and accessible dialogue about the how, when and why of stories and storytelling in legal practice. The conferences support professors create a foundation for future lawyers by teaching story and storytelling as part of a primary pedagogy. The scholarship promotes legal practice as well as legal education. Behind the idea is the simple truth that stories are essential ingredients in human interaction and a primary form of communication. An audience responds to stories in one of three ways: response-shaping, response-reinforcing, or response-changing.Thus, stories are cognitive instruments as well as a means of argumentation in and of themselves.

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