Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Law Librarians Blog will be winding down - the end of an era

Mark Giangrande has announced that the Law Librarians Blog will be going "dormant" around the end of this month.  He alluded to some health issues as a contributing factor to the decision to wind down the blog. We certainly hope everything is OK health-wise and, as Mark suggests, the decision is motivated chiefly by a desire to reduce his workload and the stress that goes along with having to produce content everyday. 

As you may know, the Law Librarians Blog is co-edited by Joe Hodnicki who, along with Professor Paul Caron, founded the Law Profs Blog Network back in 2004.  Joe began his blogging career by editing the Law Librarian (no "s") Blog which he did faithfully for the next 9 years before selling his interest in the Law Prof Blog Network to Professor Caron in May, 2013.  Several months later, Joe, along with Mark, launched the Law Librarians Blog.  Today, the Law Prof Blog Network which Joe helped start owns more than 40 speciality blogs that are edited by over 100 profs.  Joe is a true visionary and innovator when it comes to the intersection of law and technology and was appropriately recognized for his contributions back in 2011 as a Fastcase 50 for being one of "the law's smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders."

So Mark's announcement truly represents the end of an era in the legal blogosphere - unless Joe announces plans to start yet another blog (though after 10 years of continuous blogging we won't begrudge him a well-deserved, permanent retirement from the blogosphere).  Joe was also the one who encouraged me to start the Legal Skills Prof Blog.  Though at times it's made me want to curse him rather than thank him, there can be no disagreement that Joe's a great and very supportive guy who will be sorely missed around these parts.  

Godspeed Joe and Mark!


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