Thursday, April 24, 2014

Major Firm Rescinds 10 Job Offers

Brown Rudnick has rescinded 10 of 23 job offers to students just before their graduation. Its press release states in part:

Most of these associates were extended offers to work in our NY and Boston offices and we are not in a position to assimilate such a high number and provide associates with the work opportunities and training that will enable them to develop.

What PR expert wrote that and how persuasive did he or she think the message would be? You can read the rest here. (Thnx to Above the Law)

Those students now are scrambling for jobs and making late decisions about which bar exam to take. I know one of the students. Although the firm’s press release promises help for these students, in our case, most of the help is coming from our law school.

Some commentators fear that other firms will follow this firm’s example.


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