Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Computer Security for Lawyers: The Basics

The March issue of the “Minnesota Bench and Bar” offers a nontechnical article describing ways that malicious entities can mess up your computer and steps you can take to deal with these intruders. Many articles on computers are too technical for readers who are not well-versed. But this article is easy to understand and one that you can pass on to your students and lawyer friends. The article’s conclusion spells out the importance of protecting professional data:

Important documents no longer exist in a safe vacuum, thanks to the Internet. As online citizens, lawyers have heightened ethical obligations to consider how best to protect their own and their clients’ data.  Following the basic security practices outlined above, you can protect yourself at the office and at home.  Always keep your software updated, your passwords strong, and your online habits safe. But know your limits and recognize when you need professional help. As any lawyer will agree, continuing education is essential to staying effective in an ever-changing field.  Computers have added a new dimension to the practice that should be carefully considered.

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