Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Check out this month's ABA Student Lawyer Magazine

It has several articles of interest to law students who are looking for, and hoping to keep, their first legal job (subscription required).

There are some interview questions that everyone struggles with and this article examines five of the most feared. This article gives tips and an analytical framework for honestly answering these questions and looks at why employers ask them.

Job interviews require a lot of preparation. One part of that prep that requires both time and money is attire. This article gives insights and tips on how to develop a professional wardrobe on a law student budget.

I wish I had known how important the bar association is to career success.

The law is ever expanding and so does the amount of researchable case law, statutes, regulations, and treatises. How to sift through that ever-growing mountain of information is this article’s focus.

Three short pieces on opening a solo practice, managing time for better exam performance, and improving grades through self-assessment.

As a legal writing prof, I've purposely left out the link to the cover story on advice for griping about your grade.



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