Monday, March 31, 2014

William Henderson Reviews Two Books on the Legal Profession

Steven Harper's The Lawyer Bubble and Richard Susskind's Tomorrow's Lawyers.

Full review here.  Summary here.

A couple of excerpts from the summary:

"Thanks to his prolific commentary in the legal press, Harper's critique is familar to many readers. He is angry with the elite legal establishment -- large law firms and the legal professoriate -- for succumbing to 'a culture of short-termism' that focuses obsessively on the AmLaw and US News league tables." 

"Yet, to my mind, there is an avenue for at least partial redemption -- reading Richard Susskind's slender 165 page book.  In my Counterpoint essay, I lay out the mounting evidence that the legal industry is in the early stages of a sea change.  The best theoretical treatment of this sea change is Susskind's Tomorrow's Lawyers.  Yet, I am amazed at how many lawyers and law professors know essentially nothing about Susskind's work."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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