Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips on prepping for oral argument

Since law school moot court season is almost here, many readers (both students and teachers) may find this post from the Lawyerist blog very helpful.  It's advice for preparing for oral argument including tips on what to do the day of the argument.  Be sure to also check out the comment section where Lawyerist readers have offered several excellent, additional tips. 

How to Prepare for Oral Argument


  • Ditch the Outline
  • Practice Intense Preparation
  • Organize and Practice Your Argument
  • Commit Your Argument to Memory
  • If You Can, Moot Your Argument

. . . .


Last-Minute Prep On the Day of Your Argument


Here is what works for me on the day of my argument, but what you do is not as important as having a routine that quiets your nerves and gives you one last refresher of the facts, law, and your argument.


I usually get dressed, then go walk the dog. (My hearings tend to be first thing in the morning.) While we walk, I run through my argument — out loud — two or three times (wear a Bluetooth headset if you don’t want to look crazy, and people will think you are just on the phone). I keep it up in the car on my way to court. I don’t have my index cards or outline out when I do this.

When I get to court . . . .

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