Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lexis launches "Think Like a Lawyer Program" for law students that includes free unlimited summer access

We've previously blogged about students and their employers getting into trouble for the misuse of the free Westlaw and Lexis access provided to students in connection with their law school training (here and here).  Apparently some employers have hired summer law clerks chiefly for the purpose of taking advantage of their free computer research access which until now has been a violation of the end user agreement.  But Lexis is changing that with the announcement this week of a new training program called "Think Like a Lawyer" that, among other features, gives 1Ls and 2Ls free, unlimited access to computer research over the summer which they can use in their jobs.  That's going to make it easier for at least some students to find summer clerkships especially with smaller firms where free Lexis access will add value. 

Here are more details about the Think Like a Lawyer program from an email sent by Lexis this week to law librarians and LRW faculty:

[Lexis is] excited to let you know that we're again offering students unlimited access to Lexis Advance this summer! Here's an update on the LexisNexis® 2014 Summer Access program, Think Like a Lawyer program, and related teaching tools as you prepare your students for their summer and post graduate positions. We appreciate any assistance you can provide in ensuring your students know about the summer access program and all training opportunities prior to starting their summer jobs.


Summer 2014: All-Access to Lexis Advance®


1Ls & 2Ls:  Students may continue to use their current Lexis Advance® ID for any purpose this summer– including work they perform at a law firm, corporation or government agency. 


Lexis Advance ID all summer long for:

  • Any purpose at all
  • All legal content and news on their current law student ID
  • Unlimited hours-per-week

Graduating 3Ls, can register for one of our Graduate Program IDs that will extend their access beyond graduation. To learn more, visit


Think Like a Lawyer


Please share this Think Like A Lawyer  link with your students so they can take advantage of training opportunities prior to heading out this summer. As you know, many employers require or highly recommend their incoming associates attend all applicable training offered at their school. Think Like a Lawyer training opportunities include Professional Research Certification designed to include the research skills expected among incoming associates based on feedback from commercial customers. The site also provides links to the summer access and 3L Graduate ID programs.


Faculty Teaching Resources


Provide students with up to date information about Law Firm research rates and cost effective research skills:


Please contact your account executive with questions or if you would to schedule a special cost effective (or other topic) session for your students.


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