Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tips from new law grads on how to better network

The ABA's Student Lawyer has republished an article from The Young Lawyer magazine in which new lawyers offer advice to law students about how to overcome their dread of networking.  If it helps, it isn't just you who doesn't like to network, almost no one does yet it is probably the single most repeated advice from career counseling experts on how to get a job.  Perhaps you'll find something here to help make it a less painful experience for yourself.

Networking Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

The most commonly given job-hunting advice is to get out there and network. If there is something that intimidates law students more than the first experience with the Socratic Method, it’s probably networking. Does this sound like you? Rest easy. It isn’t just you. It isn’t even just law students. Networking is an activity dreaded by lawyers young and old. The ABA Young Lawyers Division (YLD) recently tackled the many styles of networking’s in the pages of its quarterly magazine The Young Lawyer (TYL). TYL’s editorial board is made up of new lawyers and many very recent law school graduates. They’ve been where you are and taken the next step.

Student Lawyer is republishing TYL’s article “Networking Doesn’t Have to Be Painful” as a special feature for Law Student Division members. The advice is great and the article exemplifies the valuable content regularly published in TYL.

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Continue reading here to see what tips members of the TYL editorial board have to offer.


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