Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 15 Most Annoying Grammatical Mistakes

At, we find an analysis of two internet threads and discover which grammatical errors people find most annoying. Here they are:

1. Using "it's" instead of "its."

2. Using "I" and "me" in the wrong spots.

3. Using an apostrophe for plurals (example,  plural's, meaning more than one plural).

4. Improper ellipses.  Ellipses are three dots. There should also be a space on either side. Use four dots when you place a period at the end of the ellipsis.

5. Using "than" instead of "then." Proper Example 1: “We left the party and then went home.” Proper Example 2: “We would rather go home than stay at the party.”

6. Confusing homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings, for example, There, their, they’re).

7. Using "affect" instead of "effect."

8. Using "less" instead of "fewer."

9. Using "over" instead of "more than." "Over is a spacial comparison. 'The bird flies over the house.' More than is appropriate for volume comparisons. 'She makes more than he does per hour.'"  (I’m not sure that I agree with this one.)

10. "A lot." A lot is two words — no exceptions. You wouldn't write "alittle," so why write "alot?"

11. Using adjectives instead of adverbs. Bad examples: "Let's walk quiet." "I'll do it careful" "Make sure to stir it gentle."

12. Improper comma use.

13. Irregardless. This isn't an accepted word. Never use it.

14. Using "to" instead of "too."

15. Confusing "loose" and "lose."


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