Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tastykakes: the Hundredth Year Birthday

Around the Philadelphia area, Tastykakes are a standard snack food. But in many parts of the country, they are an exotic delicacy. February 25, marked  the 100th birthday of Tastykakes.

The company has produced a marvelous website chronicling its history. Be sure to move along the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s the story of the beginning:

Phillip Baur, cofounder of Tasty Baking Company, was born to bake. His father owned the Bauer Brothers Bakery in Pittsburgh, and young Phillip eagerly learned the basics of snack making - great taste, good value, and most importantly fresh ingredients. When his Dad sold the Pittsburgh bakery, Baur joined forces with Herbert Morris, an egg salesman, They had a fresh idea: individually wrapped snack cakes, baked and delivered fresh daily. On February 25, 1914 with $50,000 they raised from family members they founded Tasty Baking Company.


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