Friday, February 28, 2014

Colleges and Universities Have a Poor Mobile Presence

Today, a good mobile presence is essential to attract potential students. From University Business:

Most colleges and universities would benefit from a refresher course in “Mass Media 101,” based on their failure to communicate effectively with their primary target audience – young, tech-savvy teens and young adults – through their mobile devices, including smart phones and hand-held tablets. According to an in-depth analysis of 200 public and private schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, more than 70% of those institutions were lacking a mobile presence entirely, and nearly 50% of schools with a mobile presence were deficient in significant ways, either in terms of technology, mobile content or both.

According to the representative sampling conducted by Princeton Partners – a strategic brand marketing firm founded in 1965 – higher education’s apparent failure to capture the attention of their primary target audiences through mobile devices represents a significant opportunity for those schools that do understand the magnitude of mobile technology adoption by teens and young adults, and that invest in the resources necessary to communicate effectively with those audiences through their mobile devices. This “technology gap” comes at a time when colleges and universities are facing greater competition for a declining population of potential applicants.

You can read more here.  How is your school developing its mobile presence to reach out to potential students?


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