Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Google changed its search algorithm, this lawyer lost referrals

A cautionary tale about relying too heavily on internet marketing to generate client referrals.  This story from the Philly Law Blog talks about a solo practitioner who called it quits in part because Google moved him from page 1 to page 4 in the search queue.

When You Are What Google Says You Are

Last week I learned that my friend Charlie Thomas was throwing in the towel after 11 years of practice.

. . . .

So why would a good, experienced trial lawyer like Charlie get out of practice? No clients, apparently. Despite what you may have read on Solo Practice University, solo practice is hard. Real hard. Not everyone makes it. There are only so many paying clients, and lawyers to serve them.

But why would someone as good as Charlie not have any clients? He explained:

"Most of that reflection was focused on fixing the marketing problem. All my eggs were in a single basket — and not one that I owned myself. When Google changed their algorithm and sent me off the first page and down to page four, my phone stopped ringing."

This is one of the reason bloggers like Greenfield and Tannebaum advise against a “Google-based” reputation, and instead suggest lawyers focus on developing  competence, strong relationships with real people, and a reputation for excellence among your peers.

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