Wednesday, October 2, 2013

UVM and Vermont Law School consider "3-2" program

The program would give participants a combined college degree and JD in five years rather than the usual seven.  According to this article from the Burlington Free Press, if approved by both faculties, it would be one of the first such programs in the country.   During the past year, Vermont has suffered cuts and lay-offs to both faculty and staff due to declining enrollment which is part of a nationwide trend. 

From the Burlington Free Press:

UVM, Vermont Law School consider joint degree:  Proposal would give students a bachelor's and law degree in five years

The University of Vermont and the Vermont Law School are considering offering a joint degree program that would allow students to get a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in five years.

The “Vermont 3-2” program, as it would be called, would be one of the first such programs in the United States, according to a statement issued Friday by UVM. Enrollees would receive a bachelor’s degree in three years at UVM and a law degree in two years at Vermont Law. One rationale, according to UVM, is “to reduce the cost of higher education.”

The degree program would have to be approved by faculties of both schools.

. . . .

“The 3-2 program would reduce significantly both the time and the cost of receiving a post-graduate degree,” said Marc Mihaly, president and dean of Vermont Law School.

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