Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The New iPad Air: First Reports

The early evaluations are generally positive. From CNET:

Apple announced the iPad Air, its fifth-generation iPad, October 22 in San Francisco
at the company's annual unveiling event. Thinner, lighter, and with a more powerful processor, the 9.7-inch iPad Air with Retina Display brings some design and performance enhancements to the best-selling tablet, but not as many additions as we had hoped for, or as rumors suggested.

In fact, we'd say that Apple missed some opportunities to wow us with a tablet
that could have perhaps had a larger screen with higher resolution, a
higher-megapixel camera, or laptoplike accessories. At the very least, this was
Apple's chance to recapture its spirit of innovation and give us something
different, rather than what amounts to a polished iteration of what we already

For more evaluations, please see here and here. $479 at Walmart.



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