Thursday, October 31, 2013

October LSAT test-takers down almost 11% from last year

This may be the scariest thing to happen this Halloween to law schools and those they employ.  The number of prospective law school applicants who took this LSAT in October was 33,673 compared to 37,780 who took the exam the same time last year.  According to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, this is lowest number of people to sit for the October LSAT since 1998 and the second-lowest number of people overall to take the exam since the 1980s. The WSJLB is also reporting that the number of LSAT's administered in October is down 45% in total since 2009.  The LSAT is administered four times a year.  

Click here to see a table showing total LSAT test-takers each year since 1987 and the percentage change from year to year.  The full WSJLB column is here. The blog Law School Tuition Bubble has turned that data into a helpful graph that plots the trend in total LSAT's administered since 1997.


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