Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ads Appearing on This Blog

Sometimes you will see ads appearing at the end of a posting. We, the posters, do not select  those ads. Once we once we go to the blogsite and see an ad that displeasaes us, we can delete it.

Today, I noticed an ad appearing at the conclusion of a posting. It was a political ad paid for by a group in Delaware County, a local suburban subdivision. It disparaged one of my colleagues who is seeking elecction as a trial judge, intimating that he is unqualified.

Steve Chanenson, my colleague, clerked for the U.S. Supreme Court, worked in a national law firm, and as part of his teaching duties, runs a course that includes students and state judges and aims to sharpen the skills of both groups. Working with state judges has been his calling. The county would be privileged to have someone of his ability on the court.

I am sorry that this blog was used for a cheap political stunt. I have deleted the ad. 


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