Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ABA Committee Wants 80% Bar Passage Rate


From JD Journal:

The ABA Standards Review Committee, which is engaged in doing a
comprehensive review of law school accreditation standards has recommended a
new standard – a law school will have to show 80 percent of its graduates
passed a bar exam within two years of graduation.

 However, the proposal was tabled after it was found during
recent meetings of the committee, last week, that many jurisdictions do not
currently provide name-specific bar pass information to law schools, reported
the ABA journal. The committee also found that many jurisdictions did not
provide such information to law schools even upon request.

 Consequently the committee has decided to request the governing
council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar to arrange
for universal release of name-specific bar exam pass fail information to law
schools. The committee, which met on Friday and Saturday in Atlanta, voted
unanimously to recommend that the council pass a resolution calling on
jurisdictions to start providing the required information to law schools.

 Not all schools are going to rally around the Committee's proposal. You can read more here.


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