Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Concious Curriculum by Sarah Schrup & Susan Provenzano

Professors Sarah Schrup and Susan Provenzano have just published an excellent article on developing a legal writing curriculum focused on mastery of core lawyering traits.  I agree that structuring the curriculum in cognitive steps should be a major part of legal education reform.  

Abstract: In The Conscious Curriculum, Northwestern Professors Sarah Schrup and Susan Provenzano propose a curriculum focused on progress towards mastery of core lawyering traits (e.g., legal analysis, problem solving, and effective communication). The hallmarks of this approach are deliberate choices about the types and timing of the courses offered and increased collaboration among the existing strands of law school education: the doctrinal, the clinical, and legal writing. Professors Schrup and Provenzano first discuss the theoretical underpinnings of their approach, and then address how the current law school environment hinders it. They conclude with a case study detailing exactly how their proposed curriculum would be feasibly executed in the context of a legal writing program.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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