Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Level In House Women Lawyers Are Paid Less

From Corporate Counsel (excerpts):

As women attorneys reach the higher rungs on the corporate law department ladder, they are still having trouble getting paid as much as their male counterparts, a new survey indicates.

ALM Legal Intelligence and Corporate Counsel recently released the “2013 Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey,” which gathered compensation information from 4,851 attorneys in nine job categories within 188 corporate law departments. This year, ALM filtered the results by gender, and the data showed evidence of a compensation gap between men and
women above the managing attorney level.

The women in the ALM/Corporate Counsel survey who held the top positions in their law departments—chief legal officers and general 9ljs)counsel—reported an average total cash compensation of $575,200, while their male counterparts pocketed an average of $723,700. Female deputy chief legal officers surveyed brought home an average of $316,400 in total cash  ompensation, while men in the same positions made an average $386,700. Total cash compensation was calculated in the survey as a combination of salary reported as of March 1, 2013, and annual cash bonus for 2012.

Smaller bonuses for women accounted for a large part of the disparity between
the numbers for top-level men and women corporate counsel. The survey indicated
that GC and CLO women and their deputies made around 40 percent less in bonus
payouts than men in the same roles.



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