Thursday, August 15, 2013

Florida Coastal School of Law creates Center for Law Practice Technology

From the school's website:

Coastal Law has created The Center for Law Practice Technology (CLPT), a focused unit within the school that will offer certificates in legal technology and law practice management. According to Coastal Law administrators, the CLPT is designed to prepare students for a new and evolving legal marketplace that increasingly demands knowledge and skills related to technology and innovation. 


Richard Granat and Stephanie Kimbro, acknowledged leaders in the online legal technology movement, have been appointed as Co-Directors of the CLPT. They will also serve as affiliate professors at Coastal Law.

“At its core, the certificate offered through the center will ensure students graduate with the technological competence all lawyers need in light of the demands of the profession, namely how to leverage technology to serve clients more effectively and efficiently,” Granat said. “However, we also understand it is perhaps even more important to prepare students for new positions in the burgeoning market of companies offering technology solutions for legal services, including electronic discovery, legal process outsourcing, law practice management software, automated document assembly and more.”

For those interested in pursuing more traditional career paths, Coastal Law Vice President of Strategy and General Counsel Terri Davlantes said students earning certificates through the CLPT will know how to create a virtual law firm that provides 24/7 access for clients, how to automate frequently used legal documents, how to leverage social media to develop a law practice brand, and the legal ethics surrounding the delivery of online legal services. 

Davlantes added the CLPT furthers Coastal Law’s mission to provide “service to the underserved.”

“Many Americans cannot afford a lawyer or they do not qualify for the limited legal aid programs that may be in place in their communities,” she said. “The legal profession faces a delivery problem in that we have failed to develop sustainable models for delivering legal services that are affordable and accessible to all. 

“We must evolve and innovate how we deliver those important legal services and the CLPT is a step in the right direction.”


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