Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Talking about Pricing with Clients

At Attorney at Work, law management consultant Sally Schmidt
offers this advice:

If you were to believe everything being written about legal services today, you
might think lawyer-client relationships have boiled down to one thing: pricing.
Yet in my conversations with clients, fees rarely are the first thing mentioned
or the most important factor used to evaluate relationships with outside

Now don’t get me wrong. All clients are cost-conscious, particularly these days. In
interviews, clients consistently say things like:

  • “We are always keeping
         an eye on costs.”
  • “I tell them, ‘You’ve
         got to be cost-conscious.’”
  • “Do I wish the cost was
         lower? Yeah, that would be great.”

But even those sentiments don’t mean you have to engage in cost-cutting or
discounting. What clients usually want are better communication about,
sensitivity to and management of costs.

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