Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Attract Students to Your School

At a recent conference of college admissions officers, the
answer was persistent communication. Here is an excerpt from the Chronicle
of Higher Education

What has changed, however, is how and how much
colleges need to communicate with students, said Richard Whiteside, an expert
on strategic enrollment with the consulting firm of Royall & Company.
“Students listen when they’re ready. We need to speak all the time,” he said.

If anything, colleges should be intensifying their
efforts to attract students, especially through what the admissions experts
called a “search,” meaning direct marketing to prospective students. And the evidence
that the most effective way to increase applications is to reach out
to prospective students multiple times through multiple media.

There was a time when faculty had nothing to do with admissions. However, in
these difficult times, at many schools like mine, faculty members are heavily
involved—emails, phone calls, having potential students sitting in class,
meeting potential students at admitted student days.


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