Monday, July 29, 2013

Do Students Prefer to Read in Print or on an Electronic Screen?


From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

E-reader use is on the rise, and the textbook market is shifting toward customizable digital
Are students ditching print in favor of electronic alternatives
for their academic reading? A forthcoming small study from the City University
of New York asked that question and found that, like previous generations, at
least some Millennials still prefer reading long texts and academic selections
in print.

The study, “Student Reading Practices in Print and Electronic Media,” to be published in
September 2014 in the journal College & Research Libraries,
tracked the reading habits of 17 CUNY students through diary entries,
interviews, and discussion groups over the course of two weeks. The students
were mostly juniors, seniors, and graduate students, and most were younger than

The research found that they almost always used e-book readers, mobile
devices, and tablet computers for nonacademic reading but relied on paper
printouts for academic reading.

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