Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Tips on getting an Interview and a Job

From the National Jurist:

Research each firm carefully.

Be enthusiastic. Firms often keep candidates on “hold” for a little while if they are not sure whether to make an offer. If you would definitely accept an offer from them, let them know they are your first choice, and keep in touch with them to reiterate your interest.

Make sure your resume, cover letter and thank you notes are absolutely perfect 

• Any time you can get make additional connections through networking, to find someone to forward your resume to a law firm, such as an alumni of your law school, do so.

• Be ready during the interview to give specific examples of how you have solved problems, showed initiative, and acted as a “team player.”

Cast a wide net. Apply on your own firms in other cities, and apply to smaller firms and government agencies.

Know the different times of the year when large firms, small firms, and government agencies hire

Become a student member of your local bar association, and volunteer for committees

Network with other lawyers throughout your years in law school

Emphasize leadership roles you have held on campus, or even as an undergraduate.

You can read the full article here.


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