Thursday, June 20, 2013

NALP Executive Director James Leipold talks about the job market for law grads

In this video interview with Bloomberg Law, NALP's James Leipold talks about today's job report showing that BigLaw hiring of new associates was up in 2012 while overall hiring of law grads was down.  Only 64% of the class of 2012 found employment that required bar passage, a figure that is the lowest water mark since NALP began keeping such statistics.  On the plus side, Mr. Leipold said that BigLaw hiring has bounced back a bit from the recessionary lows though he does not expect to ever see those firms hiring again at pre-recessionary levels.  Mr. Leipold attributes the low number outside of BigLaw to several factors including the fact that the class of 2012 was an especially large one, we're still feeling the effects of the Great Recession and that law practice is undergoing structural change for the reasons discussed by Richard Susskind and others. 

Check out the video interview below and here are links to the NALP report itself as well as an ABA Journal blog summary.


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