Monday, June 24, 2013

More on the skill of mindfulness

We've blogged before on the important skill of mindfulness as it relates to being a law student or lawyer.  As you may recall, mindfulness is about learning to be in the present moment, free from distractions and thoughts cluttered by past and future worries.  For attorneys, practicing the skill of mindfulness enhances clarity of thought and reduces stress and anxiety. 

The experience those who practice the skill gain "makes them better equipped to deal with the unexpected—because they catch the thoughts and feelings that are resisting the moment, and are better equipped to stay on task and respond in proportion to the challenge."  For attorneys in particular, "they enhance their capacity to be more genuine and present for what arises in their interactions with their clients, their colleagues, witnesses and adversaries. They are better able to focus on and enjoy their work."

Now comes a magazine devoted to the practice of mindfulness called, not surprisingly, Mindful.  Check out a sample mini-issue here.

Hat tip to Stephanie West Allen.


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FYI - Lawyerist had an interview with San Francisco bankruptcy lawyer, and author of Lexis Nexis' "How to Manage Your Law Office," Jeena Cho today in which she goes fairly in-depth on her mindfulness practice and how it integrates with her law practice. Here:

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